Reclaim the Future

In a time of technological disruption and unimagined global challenges, 1E9 and the FUTURE FORUM by BMW WELT have launched the Reclaim the Future! digital event series – because we can still shape a better world!

In a time of technological disruption and unimagined global challenges, 1E9 and the FUTURE FORUM by BMW WELT have launched the Reclaim the Future! digital event series – because we can still shape a better world!

At Reclaim the Future! we gather thought leaders from startups, corporations, academia and culture to discuss solutions to global problems and we give you an inside look into the world of technology. Let’s find out how we can and should use innovations like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robots or extended reality to create a better life for everyone.

Reclaim the Future! is an interactive format, which means you'll always get a chance to ask your questions. As soon as safety regulations allow it again, we are looking forward to welcoming 1E9 members in person on site at the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt.

Past Events

How Technologies are shaping the future Urban Mobility. (14.12.2021)

With Sarah Schappert (Director Europe, URBAN-X), Marc Schindler (Managing Director, ottobahn) and Prof. Gesa Ziemer (HafenCity University Hamburg)

NFTs reinvent not only the art world, but the Internet. (17.11.2021)

With Anna Graf (Co-Founder NFT Artprize), Sergej Lotz (Web3 Builder focusing on NFTs) and Simon Oldfield (Curator, Advisor, Lawyer).

Let's close the Loop: Creating a Circular Economy. (10.09.2021)

With Anna Goldhofer (Sustainable Interior, BMW Group), Julius Schäufele (Co-Founder of Concular), Sören Lex (Co-Founder of Plasticpreneur), Arnoud Passenier (Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management of The Netherlands).

Getting the Quantum Advantage on the Road. (15.07.2021)

With Benno Broer (CEO Qu&Co)​, Prof. Stefan Filipp (Technical University of Munich), Andre Luckow (Head of Emerging Technologies BMW Group IT) and Dr. Inés de Vega (Head of Quantum Innovation IQM).

NFTs, Blockchains and the Real Cyberspace (27.05.2021)

With Marcus Bläsche (Global Marketing Director at The Sandbox), Niko Abramidis &NE (Artist) and Paula Kühn (Discovery Manager at Ape Unit and Fashion Designer).

Brain-computer interfaces: Separating Science Fiction from Science Facts (20.04.2021)

With Carolina Aguilar (CEO & Co-Founder von INBRAIN Neuroelectronics) and Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer (Head of Neuroethics and AI Ethics Lab / University of Freiburg).

How AI and big data are shaping the healthcare of tomorrow. (25.02.2021)

With Simon Bolz (Co-Founder and CEO of Klara), Rocío Acuña-Hidalgo (CTO and Co-Founder of Nostos Genomics) and Bart de Witte (Founder of HIPPO AI).

Can we Engineer our Way out of the Climate Crisis? (15.12.2020)

With Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob (Director of the Climate Service Center Germany), Allison Dring (CEO of Made of Air) and Christoph Beuttler (CDR Manager and Policy Expert at Climeworks).

Why Augmented Reality could be the platform of the 2020s (26.11.2020)

Alina Kadlubsky (Managing Director of Open AR Cloud Europe), Alexander Ilic (Co-Founder and Executive Director ETH AI Center), Robin Sho Moser (CEO of eyecandylab).

Clean Energy: Are We Finally Ready for a Hydrogen Economy? (11.11.2020)

With Jürgen Guldner (BMW Group), Wolfram Reiners (OCEANERGY) and Julian Renz (ZeroAvia).

The Dawn of Synthetic Media – from Deepfakes to Digital Avatars (27.10.2020)

With (Natalie Monbiot, Head of Business Strategy, HourOne), Nick Nigam (Principal, Samsung NEXT Europe) and Jonas Mayer, Consultant (TNG Technology Consulting).

Internet from Space (30.9.2020)

With Daniel Metzler (CEO of Isar Aerospace), Bulent Altan (CEO of Mynaric), Clemens Kaiser (Managing Director and CTO of KLEO Connect).

It’s time to rethink plastic! (28.7.2020)

With Dr. Katrin Schuhen (CEO of Wasser 3.0), Daniela Bohlinger (Head of Sustainability Design at BMW Group), Benjamin Mandos (CEO of GOT BAG).

Can Europe become a leader in quantum computing? (30.6.2020)

With Dr. Jan Goetz (CEO and Co-Founder of IQM), Prof. Dieter Kranzlmüller (Head of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities), Oliver Wick (Technology Scouting, Lead Future Computing Technologies, BMW Group), Thomas Hubregtsen (Lead Quantum Computing, BMW Group), Prof. Dr. Angelika Niebler (Member of the European Parliament).

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